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Shroom Visits The Walking Dead Town Of Woodbury

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While on vacation I made a stop at The Walking Dead town of Woodbury! It's really the tiny town of Senoia, GA with a population of 3,500! I noticed Senoia's town motto on their welcome sign: The Perfect Setting. For Life. The actual studio and prison set is only 20 minutes away, however, it's not open to the public. I also made a stop near the old farm where some serious sh!t went down in season 3. If you're a fan of the show you will love seeing these photos!

I spent about 3 hours looking around and taking photos. I also ate at the Woodbury Cafe and got a cup of their famous Zombie Brew! While at the cafe I talked to a guy who had been sitting in the cafe for 5 hours waiting for some of the actors to come in. He told me the night before I got there the entire cast was in town and Norman Reedus stopped in the coffee shop! Damn, just missed them by one day!

Season 4 of The Walking Dead began filming this week!

Click Here to see the photo gallery!

Here's my brief video tour of Woodbury:


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