THIS Chick Is a BADASS!!!!

Alright, so I'm watching Alice Cooper take the stage at Halloweenie Roast last night when out steps a chick with a guitar.  It was my first time seeing Alice, and I had no idea his lead guitarist was a lady.  Immediately, this chick starts shredding and it hits me--I know who she is! I remembered seeing clips of her playing when I was watching something about Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' tour (that obviously never happened after his death).  I'd looked her up then and found out that her name was Orianthi, and she'd played with everyone from Carlos Santana to Carrie Underwood. 

She also had a solo pop song on the radio for quite some time, years ago. 

I have to say, Alice put on QUITE a thrilling show, and she (in my opinion) was SO close to stealing it.

Check out an old video I found of her playing:


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