Stinko de Mayo Plans, Anyone?!

So for whatever reason, the Mexican Independence Day that we Americans have adopted as a holiday (in order to have yet another excuse to drink all day) usually just SUCKS for me. It probably has something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol consumed, but hey.  I got dumped on Cinco de Mayo three years in a row when I was younger and each year it ends up being just a bad day in general--which is why I dub it 'Stinko de Mayo'.

Anyway, THIS year, Stinko will be no longer!  May 5th is going to RULE!  Why?  Because it's the first Sunday of the month and THAT means IT'S OPERATION COEXIST BENEFIT SHOW TIME!!!

Check out the flyer below for the line up.  I remember seeing Hunter and Avery play in Ybor City when I was visiting from Gainesville one night.  They were great and I tried to get them to come play the Ville.  I'm happy to see them playing this show!

I'm also super stoked to see a band from the UK called Blackfoot Circle.  Check out their video for 'Texas Headlights' to get a taste of their sound.

As always, the $5 donation that gets you into the show will benefit this non-profit organization.  For more information visit

I hope to see you at the show!

Blackfoot Circle "Texas Headlights"


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