Recurring Dreams

It seems that for years I've been having three distinct recurring dreams. I had one of them again last night.  

So I'll just be going about my merry dream when all of the sudden I'll somehow have a litter of kittens that are orphaned.  They're always bottle feeders that can crawl around super fast and I'm frantically trying to take care of them.

Another one is the dream where I have a pet fish--it's always a beta fish--that I all of the sudden remember that I have.  I'll start freaking out because I can't remember when the last time I fed the fish was, AND I get scared because well--it's scary to think that you've been neglecting a life that depends on you.

The third recurring dream varies just a bit.  I'll either have ONE assignment due in order to finish school, or I'll realize that I haven't been going to a class that I should have been going to all along.  I'll feel like I have a tremendous amount of things to catch up on, and that I'm running so very far behind.  In real life, I've finished school, I've got my degree, and I've got now idea why I keep having school dreams.

Jeeeeez, I guess this explains why I don't wake up feeling refreshed too often.  I'm freaking out in my sleep a lot.  It used to be all apocalyptic stuff.

Anyone wanna analyze this s#^t???


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