Read it and Weep...Literally, Ha!

The most beautiful love story I've ever known is that of my mother's father and mother--Dr. Frank Joseph Bertucci and Mildred St. Pierre--my Dad Dad and Nanny. It was love at first sight, and they married, had three beautiful daughters, and treated each other with the utmost respect and kindness. These two were the happiest souls. They were always cheerful, always smiling, singing, and dancing. We lost my Nanny to cancer when I was in the second grade. Dad Dad grieved every single day, but talked about reuniting with her again--every day. She lived on in his stories and absolutely in his heart, as well as ours. As the years went by, friends would encourage Dad Dad to date--to find a companion. His reply was always, "Millie is the only one for me." One day when we were visiting Dad Dad in New Orleans, I found a photo album that he made. I opened the album, called "Millie", and found a plethora of the most gorgeous photos of her that he had taken. Many of them were candid and seemingly 'sneaky' shots that she didn't even know we're being taken. To this day I've never seen a man more truly in love with his lady. It brings me to tears. Dad Dad had a little friend who lived next door to him--a beautiful little Doberman mix gal named Sambo. She was neglected by her owner, and Dad Dad spent time with her each day, and bought treats for her. A brilliant man of science as well as faith, Dad Dad went home to his Lord, and of course, his Millie, one January day while I was in college. I am thankful to this day that he sent me a special sign, letting me know that he was going....I knew of his death before I actually KNEW of his death. Sambo followed him the very next day. It is our belief that she died of a broken heart. I don't know of anyone who's met Dad Dad that doesn't miss him like crazy. The fiddle, violin, wolves, the Smokey Mountains, music in general, smiles, joyful hearts, CHRISTMAS (my God, that man loved Christmas!)--these are just some of the things that remind me of this sweet man.

I don't really know why I'm posting this on my jock blog....I guess I figure it's just nice to be reminded about beautiful love.  Also, today is his birthday, and I wanted to take a moment to honor him. I hope that we all find love as strong as the love between Frank and Millie. Wishing you all a beautiful day!!!!

This song always makes me think of his love for her:


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