'Kurt Cobain'...'Who's that?'

I went to Warped Tour yesterday.  I took this picture, see?  This was moments after the frontman said something along the lines of, "I feel that the last real rockstar died when Kurt Cobain died."  Then, the chick next to me says, "Who?"

Mind you, it was loud, so I repeated, "Kurt Cobain."

She then asks, "Who's that?"

I'd already seen a lot of people faint from what I'm guessing was the dehydration/heat combination. I was ready to keel right over. 

I know Ty posted about someone being unfamiliar with Nirvana, and now I'm starting to actually become frightened that our youth really don't know some really important things about musical legends. 

So sometimes, if you hear me on air saying something that would seemingly be common knowledge, please know that I'm just trying to inform...(and maybe, shaking my head at the same time....maybe.)



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