Dumb Things We Veggies Deal With... (Cue the Bacon Comments)

The Huffington Post composed a list of the 17 dumbest things vegetarians have to deal with, and I'd like to review it because it's Monday and I have other important things to do that I don't feel like doing. 

Here goes:
1. Meeting someone who gets mad that you're a vegetarian. This happens to me more often than you'd think.  It seems that some people are insulted by my veganism, and it boggles my mind.  I'm not judging anyone for their dietary/lifestyle choices (I mean, for the most part....if you're eating tripe, I'm judging you....that's nassssty), and I don't know why some assume that I am.  I'm not angry that you choose to be a carnivore or omnivore, so why get mad at me for being an herbivore? Silly.

2. When people don't understand that you can be a vegetarian for reasons other than "loving animals." Well....there are numerous health benefits to vegetarianism/veganism (cancer has actually been completely combatted in some instances where patients choose to adopt a vegan diet). A plant based diet is incredibly wonderful for our individual health, and the health of our planet.  These are added benefits for me, as my personal reason for being vegan IS, indeed, loving the animals.  Animals who have emotions and feelings just like we do are completely exploited so that factories can pump out their 'product' as quickly as possible to make a dollar.  Respect for life is absent.  I do love animals, and I don't want them to suffer just so that I may enjoy a few minutes of taste (especially when there are so many delicious vegan meals!)

3. Being asked if you'd eat meat for a million bucks, or if you'd still refuse it if you were stuck on an island and would otherwise starve.  This is also a thing that happens more often than you might imagine.  Listen, nobody is threatening me with a million bucks, and when I get stuck on an island I'm pretty sure I'd rather just starve than have to make friends with a volleyball.

4. Paying the same price at restaurants for the vegetarian option.  I'm not sure that this has happened, but if it did I wouldn't really care.  I'm usually quite happy with any restaurant that is willing to help out, and I usually go to restaurants that offer an option for me so I'm not a pain in the a$$.

5. The assumption that you're "missing out on life" and must be kind of sad that you can't eat meat.  LOL I ate meat (a lot of it) for the first 3/4 of my life.  Sometimes I do get cravings for meat and mostly I miss the meals that were served as traditions--at holidays and such.  Then I think about the reasons why I choose to be vegan and the animals who'd have suffered in order for me to enjoy that meal for a bit and I see that it's not worth it.  Not worth it to me to be the cause of anguish.  Then I'm happy with my plant based options. :) 

6. The "plants are being killed too" argument.  You're just trying to make me cry.

7. Having to find a polite way to refuse a cooked meal that isn't vegetarian, without the chef hating you.  My family hails from New Orleans, aka food central, USA.  When I told them I was going vegetarian at first, they thought that meant I'd still eat chicken.  They don't hate me.  They've given me looks of almost disappointment attimes, but they're proud of me for being firm in my beliefs.

8. Nobody believing you're getting enough protein, so you must be a weak, tired zombie. I......can't.....type......too.....weak!  ;) Hey, big old gorillas eat plants.  If you were faced with one about to come at you in the wild, would you NOT freak out because you'd think he/she was weak? 

9. When people say, "I tried being vegetarian once...couldn't do it!" When you were a baby and you tried to walk but couldn't, did you accept that and continue to crawl? Nay!  I see you walkin' all upright and sh!+!  Give it another go!  I tried veganism years ago, went back to vegetarian, and have now been vegan for almost two years.  Education is key.  If you know what to cook/snack on, etc., your more likely to be able to stick to it, I think. 

10. Fake meat.  Ummm....I love me some fake meat when I'm craving it.  

11. The world's disbelief that you can live without bacon.  I don't know about the WORLD, but friends/coworkers....I'm lookin' at you!

12. When restaurants refuse to accommodate.  Disagree. As previously mentioned, I usually go to places where I know I CAN eat something so I'm not a pain in the a$$.  It's not a steakhouse's job to make me a vegan meal.  I would never expect a restaurant to bend over backwards to "accommodate" me, when I can pull up the menu online beforehand and choose to go elsewhere.  That said, it is usually pretty simple for me to ask to tweak a meal slightly to make it vegan, and most places are very kind about helping. 

13. Or when salad is the only option.  Again, it's my choice to eat what I eat or not.  It's my responsibility to come prepared and maybe eat beforehand if I'm going somewhere where I don't have too many options. 

14. People who claim they're vegetarians, but still eat chicken and fish and the occasional cheeseburger. Flexatarian and pescatarian are words that come to mind.

15. Always being accused of being pretentious.  Yep....makes me sad. I try my best not to make things difficult for anyone.

16. Vegetarians who actually are way too pretentious.  Yeppppppppppppppp 

17. "Friends" who try to trick you into eating meat.  Doesn't happen too often, and people are usually quite respectful, but it HAS happened before.  

I'd add one more....when people know you don't eat animals so they explain, in detail, how they want their animal killed, cooked, and prepared to eat.  Eww.  
Please stop.  You want me sad, (someone that rhymes with Fesse Page). Just kidding, I love you man ;)

Alright, I guess I'll work now.  

You can check out the Huff's list and explanations here. 


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