Did You Say BEER Sandwich?!?! Yes, PLEASE!!!!

An Italian company has just become my hero.  They've created the world's first SPREADABLE BEER.  Yes.  Bask in that glory with me for a minute. 

It comes in both light and dark flavors and it can be spread on anything. 

Now, I'm not sure how it tastes, but I don't really care.  The fact that we now have the option to spread beer on a bagel for breakfast, slap it on a sammy for lunch, or hell--eat it with crackers--makes me grin like I've had a few already.

 (Most beer IS indeed vegan, in case you're wondering.  So yes, I can have it...and I do....a lot.)

A jar of beer butter would cost you roughly 12 bucks in Europe, but having it shipped here will tack on an extra 40 bones.  Christmas is just around the corner....keep that in mind.


Wanna buy it?  Here's the link to do so.


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