BARF Times A MILLION--I've Heard it ALL!

This world just gets scarier and scarier, day by day.

There's a new, horrifying trend on Craigslist--pregnant women SELLING positive pregnancy test results for about $25.

This is just the lowest of the low to me--and I mean that for both the buyer and the seller.

Apparently, there are some sheisty females who will buy a stick of pregnant pee in order to lock their man into staying with them. 

If that isn't disgustingly desperate and sickening enough, there are others who want it to trick a man into giving them money.  How, you may ask?  You'll have to click here to read more for that, because I can't even REPEAT it.

How comforting is it to know that women who are willing to exploit their pregnancies for a few bucks are about to raise a new generation?

This whole living on Mars idea is slowly but surely looking better and better.....


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