AHAHAHAHA! When Your City Gets Locked Down and You Can't Escape Your One Night Stand!

One night stands may float some people's boats, but they're not for me.

It's probably because I'm straight up FRIGHTENED by some of the horror stories I've heard.  Case in point, going home with someone and waking up in the morning to find that your city is on lock-down and you're stuck with your new 'buddy' until....who knows when.

This would be my luck.

"I woke up this morning with the standard one-night-stand accoutrements (booze sweats, eyes and brain feeling like they’ve just come out of the microwave, an embarrassing case of gastrointestinal unrest). I put my bare feet down on the floor while trying to find my cell phone and my dignity (both proved elusive), and in doing so I stepped on a giant shard of a broken wine glass. It apparently fell to its end and shattered into a galaxy of twinkling shrapnel from atop the nightstand, which itself had nearly been toppled somehow. Then I hopped over to the TV and turned on CNN.

And it was then when I realized I had a problem. The whole city was locked down. Taxis were suspended. Public transit shuttered. Cops were going house to house. Armored vehicles were roaming the streets. No one could go out."

Read the full story here, and brush up on your ninja escape skills....just in case.

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