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WATCH: Deftones play 'Jump' in tribute to Kris Kross's Chris Kelly

WATCH: Deftones play 'Jump' in tribute to Kris Kross's Chris Kelly

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(Yahoo!) - In tribute to Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly, who died yesterday at a hospital in Atlanta at the age of 34, rock band Deftones played the duo's hit "Jump" during their set last night in St. Louis, Missouri.

"We got word that a member of Kris Kross has passed," vocalist Chino Moreno told the crowd. "I know it's not a good thing, but we represent 'boing boing boing' tonight...Kris Kross'll make you jump, jump."

Deftones’ version of the song featured low, distorted power-chords, high guitar squeals, and a lunging beat. The crowd chanted, "Jump, jump!" along with the band, which inserted a tumbling flurry of rhythm in the midsection of the song.

Before beginning the tunre, Moreno pointed to drummer Abe Cunningham and said, "He’s [wearing his clothes] backwards and inside-out," a reference to Kris Kross's style of wearing their shirts backwards. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter also seemed to have his shirt backwards during the song.


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