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St. Pete drug house murder nets life prison term

St. Pete drug house murder nets life prison term

CLEARWATER — Drug dealer Tore Holley was in a back bedroom with a woman when an armed group burst through the front door, looking for drugs and money.

The thieves went from room to room, overturning couches, tearing open the upholstery, rifling through cabinets.

By the time they got to the bedroom Holley and Tamika Mack were in, Holley had armed himself with a Pyrex pot he used to cook crack-cocaine, prosecutors say.

Holley braced himself against the door as one of the intruders tried to force his way in, and when it partially opened, Holley swung the pot into the face of the person on the other side, blood-stained pieces of glass falling to the floor in the hallway.

That blood turned out to belong to John Curry, another South St. Petersburg drug dealer, implicating Curry in what happened next at the drug house at 4034 11th Ave. S. Curry’s accomplices shot and wounded Holley and killed Mack as she begged for her life, telling them she had two children.

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