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Schenecker emails show woman who had lost control

Schenecker emails show woman who had lost control

TAMPA, Fla. (TBO.com) — Her children were worried about her behavior. Her husband was afraid to leave the children alone with her. And, just before she was accused of doing the unthinkable, Julie Schenecker admitted she was “so sick mentally.’’

The details about life in the Schenecker family before she was accused of killing her two teenage children in 2011 come out in 55 pages of emails released by Hillsborough County prosecutors on Monday. The correspondence includes notes to and from her, her husband and concerned relatives.

They emails offer a chilling portrait of a woman who was losing her grip on rationality and show the rising concern from those around her about her well being and the safety of the children. Detailed are the fears of her teenage children about their mother’s instability around the house and her erratic driving, and her own frustration with two children who she says were growing more and more disrespectful.

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