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Ribbon cutting, 5K race celebrate Selmon Expressway project

Ribbon cutting, 5K race celebrate Selmon Expressway project

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) – A ribbon cutting ceremony and 5k race kick off the new I-4 Selmon Expressway connector project as it nears the finish mark.

Federal, state, and local elected officials attended the event.

Saturday’s ceremony and 5k race was held on the west side of South 20th Street, south of the Selmon Expressway where the truck ramp from I-4 enters southbound 20th Street. Officials said about 1,000 people participated in the 'Run the Connector 5k" race which benefits the Palmetto Beach Community Association, Inc., support our troops, the leukemia and lymphoma society, and United Way.

Crews had been working around the clock to get the I-4 Selmon Crosstown Expressway ready for its anticipated opening in 2014.

The Department of Transportation says the $400-million, mile-long stretch of toll road, which connects the Selmon Expressway to I-4, is expected to open to the public by the first week of January, or the end of next week.

The connector was mainly built to relieve truck traffic through Ybor City. For decades, heavy trucks rumbled through Ybor to and from the Port of Tampa. 

Trucks will pay a dollar toll.  Other motorists will have to pay between .50 and $1.25.

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