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Morgan & Morgan Considering Lawsuit Against Bullying Suspects

Morgan & Morgan Considering Lawsuit Against Bullying Suspects

TAMPA (970 WFLA) -- A high-profile law firm is representing the mother of bullying victim Rebecca Sedwick... and its first act is to file a lawsuit against the two girls accused of the cyberstalking that led to her suicide.

Three lawyers from Morgan & Morgan... Matt Morgan, former Governor Charlie Crist, and David Henry... held a news conference with Tricia Norman outside their Tampa office on Franklin Street downtown.

Sedwick is the 12 year old Polk County girl who committed suicide after being bullied online. The defendants in this case are 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw and 12 year old Katelyn Roman, who are already facing criminal charges in Polk County. 

Crist said it's hard to protect a victim of cyberbullying, because it's hard to detect. "This is a situation where it's one on one (and) very discreet, but we have to find a solution."

Henry is the lead counsel on the case. He says he intends to identify and hold responsible "any person or entity that caused or contributed to Rebecca's death."

"We're looking at some children who... acted like very mean-spirited adults", Henry told reporters. "With respect to the parents... (they) did not supervise their children in an appropriate manner."

Defendants could include children who are not facing criminal charges. "We sort of view this as a joint enterprise amongst a number of different children", Henry said.

Norman has expressed her disappointed in the school district for not taking action against the girls bullying her daughter. Henry insists they'll go after the right people and institutions in this case.

"We want to make sure we're not the bullies here", Henry said.


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