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Hearing in theater shooting held over until Friday

Hearing in theater shooting held over until Friday

DADE CITY, Fla. (970 WFLA/AP) - A not guilty plea has been entered in a Pasco County courtroom for Curtis Reeves, the retired cop who's charged with killing Chad Oulson in a Wesley Chapel movie theater.

Before the arraignment, attorneys argued whether surveillance video of the shooting should be made public. Defense attorney Richard Escobar said no.

“This court has the power through the separation of powers to make sure that the most fundamental right that Mr. Reeves has and that is fundamental fairness to be able to pick a jury of his peers from this county. We can’t make a mistake that affects that most fundamental right that Mr. Reeves has,” Escobar said.

The judge will hold off releasing the surveillance video for 30 days so the defense can review it. 

Meantime, Escobar is also arguing that Reeves should be released on bond pending his trial on second degree murder charges.

Among those testifying on behalf of Reeves is his daughter, Jennifer.

Jennifer Reeves Shaw said her dad suffers from several medical issues, include back and vision problems. 

But witnesses who saw Chad Oulson get fatally shot inside the Grove Cobb movie theater last month said Reeves was agitated over Oulson's texting.

The testimony is part of Reeves' bond hearing in Dade City

Wednesday's hearing concluded at around 6:45 pm. The judge says they will pick up again with more testimony Friday morning at 10. 

An external hard drive containing hours of surveillance video was physically handed over to defense attorneys Tuesday during a hearing regarding the video evidence showing the January shooting.

Photo Credit Pasco County Sheriff's Office


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