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Bomb squad, safety crews respond to Clearwater scene

Bomb squad, safety crews respond to Clearwater scene

CLEARWATER, Fla. (970 WFLA) – Sunset Point Road is back open after Clearwater officials said their police and fire crews along with the Tampa Bomb Squad responded to a scene there.

Officials said the Tampa Bomb Squad has cleared the scene and confirmed it was fertilizer an individual was trying to ignite.

Witnesses called police this morning to report a male with a bucket trying to light it on fire at the bus stop near 2200 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater officials said.

When police and fire arrived, officials said the individual began to leave the scene and was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

As part of the investigation, officials said police spoke to his family who lives close by and was told that he was doing similar things yesterday with smaller amounts of palm tree fertilizer at the house and did not notify authorities yesterday. Officials said today's amount of fertilizer was larger.

Officials said they currently have the individual in custody and the charge for the arrested suspect is making a destructive device.



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