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WATCH: Angry fan calls Suri Cruise the b-word

WATCH: Angry fan calls Suri Cruise the b-word

An incident on a New York City street involving the seven-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is raising some eyebrows. 

HollywoodLife.com is reporting a fan in a group of people trying to get Holmes' autograph yelled verbal insults at Suri Cruise on Wednesday including the "B-word."  Paparazzi also were surrounding Holmes and her daughter when the child yelled "stop" and "get out of the way" at the photographers.  As the pair left to get into a waiting vehicle, the angry fan shouted "bye Suri, you little brat!" along with the "B-word." 

A member of the paparazzi quickly told the man he was out of line. 


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